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Sat Nam

Hi friend. Thank you for visiting my page.  It is an honor to connect with new souls such as yourself, and to be able to guide you towards deeper relaxation. 

Meet the Zen Bunny


 Erika is a certified Sound Healer and Usui Reiki Level 2 practitioner, based in Morris County, NJ.  Erika received sound healing training and certification in 2017 with Ana Netanel (Shakti Sound Bath) in Los Angeles, CA. Before moving back to NJ where "Zen Bunny" was born, Erika had the opportunity to play alongside the Shakti Sound High Vibe Tribe.  She continued her sound healing education by receiving additional certification with Golden Drum in NY in 2023.  Through this training, she has expanded her wisdom to incorporate different styles and elements. Erika continues discovering new instruments and practices along her journey to connect with her clients in a more meaningful, powerful way.


The Zen Bunny Sound Bath utilizes guided breathwork, Uranus planetary gong, 432hz quartz singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, rain stick, Koshi chimes, tingsha bells, crystal pyramid, shakers, chakapa, and bamboo flute. The signature style is facilitated as a workshop at various studios in the area.  Some of the events include collaborations with instructors of other healing modalities: breathwork, Reiki, Thai bodywork, yoga nidra, and restorative/yin yoga. Erika also holds private sessions in a beautiful studio in Denville, NJ, and has traveled to clients' homes for private sessions and events. 


Wherever you may be attending the session, prepare to be transported into a peaceful oasis of healing frequencies designed to bring you into ultimate relaxation.  The sound waves of the instruments help comb through your energetic field, rebalance your chakras, release blocked emotions, stress, anxiety, fear, physical tension, and toxic thought patterns.  Sound healing benefits include deeper sleep, clarity, improved focus, harmony, peace, and activation of higher states of consciousness.  Best of all, the sounds will guide you to feel balanced, rejuvenated, and in alignment with your soul.  By operating from a higher vibration and restored mentality, you can attract more favorable situations in your life.  The Zen Bunny strives to provide a comforting space where you can safely let go of anything that has been holding you back from living the life you truly desire,  and deserve. 

Let go of how you think things should be,  accept what is, and surrender to the magical unfolding of what will be. 


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All Videos

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"Escape the rigid structure of reality, 

the self-imposed limiting beliefs, 

which cage your wild spirit yearning to be free.  

Unleash the power of your mind, 

creating and planting seeds of desire,

floating in a wave of healing frequencies."

- Zen Bunny


Client Testimonials

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I had the incredible fortune of experiencing a soundbath led by Erika last night at Nirvana in Wayne. I have experienced them before (with other practitioners), but this one really stood out. She plays ambient sound, so even between bowls there is a gorgeous, gentle string of sound keeping us floating. She uses a drum that sounds like the ocean, and when I heard it, I actually SAW the ocean and FELT the sea spray. She plays a rain stick that is endlessly comforting. She also played these sweet things (I don't know what anything is called) that sounds like angels surrounding you. Her sound was also SO SMOOTH. Everything flowed beautifully and I felt really safe and really held. I highly recommend Erika at Zen Bunny!

Tiffany C.


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